Privacy Policy

This site is subject to the following privacy policy.

We recognize the importance of your personal information and protect your personal information by implementing the following measures.

Personal information refers to personal information, such as name, email address, and other information that can identify a specific individual.

Collection And Use Of Your Personal Information

Personal information collected through this site is used for the following purposes.

1 In order to sell, advertise, or promote the services and products provided by this site or by third parties
2 In response to inquiries and complaints
3 In response to inquiries and complaints
4 Taking surveys and recruit monitors
5 For collecting and analyzing marketing data
6 For other purposes specified in the development of our products and services

Provision of personal information to third parties

The Site will not provide registered users’ personal information to third parties without their prior consent. However, this does not apply if:.

1 When disclosure or provision is required in accordance with laws and regulations
2 When it is necessary to avoid a crisis that threatens the life, body or property of a person

In the case of 2 above, disclosure may be made only when a request for disclosure is made by a public organization such as the police, tax office, or court through exercise of authority based on laws and regulations.

About privacy policy changes

When the privacy policy is changed by this site, a change notice will be given when the contents are changed.


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For more information, see the official privacy policy for Adsense ads.