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In Order To Get Something, You Have To Give Up Something Else

Sometimes we get stuck and can’t move on. That’s because we want much more than we can have. We have to face the opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is what you have to give up to get what you want. Time, money, priority. Giving up can be good Giving up can be good and positive. It help you […]

Be Proud of Your Work

Regardless of your job or industry, it’s important to take pride in your work. Taking pride in your work is a healthy pride, not an obsession or a distorted belief. Let’s do our best for the work we’re working on. There’s no point in doubting what you’re doing. By doing our best, we can make […]

How To Make A Successful Presentation

Presentations are a great way to speak directly to people who are interested in your business. Whether you like it or not, we have to do it well as a professional. In this post, we will share some tips for making a successful presentation. 01. Start strongly The beginning of your presentation is important. You need […]

How To Improve Communication Skills For Workplace Success

Having a problem with working relationships? Improving communication skills will help you at work. Recognize and address communication problems in the workplace before the situation gets out of control. In this blog post, we highlight how to improve communication skills for workplace success. 01.Show respect In recent years, companies have been promoting casual workplaces. However, don’t […]

3 Common Project Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

About project management, the PMO (Project Management Office) holds regular project review meetings. What can we do to deliver a product with a set specification on a limited budget? The lessons of the past are useful for everything. Here are some common project management mistakes. 01. Wrong estimation of time and budget How many times […]

Important Advice When Considering Changing Jobs

In an unreasonable work environment, anyone would think about changing jobs. Too much hard work can ruin your mind and body.  However, if you change jobs with emotional momentum, you may end up in a situation where you can’t go back. The best thing to do is to calm down first before making a sudden […]

The Expert Tips To Make Better Phone Sales

No matter how marketing changes, connections with new customers often starts with a phone call. This article is about sales tips that help you to be a good salesperson and close more deals. 01.Talk to the person in charge Know your customer more and talk to the person in charge. If you contact an unrelated person, you […]

How To Create Unique Business Ideas

How do you generate ideas for business? Great business ideas are all around you. Only thing you need to know is how. Here are few secrets to create unique business ideas. Innovation is not inventing They say that Innovation is not inventing. Invention is to create something that has never existed before. Innovation is to improvement […]

What Is The Resourcism In The Workplace And How To Use It

Even though there are a lot of similar documents in the company, we try to make new from scratch. When we want one, we make one. That’s a tragedy in the workplace. Remember the word “use”, not “make”. We should avoid being like asking for the moon. Resourcism is an approach of using your assets first To put […]

How To Talk Smartly At Work

Regardless of your job or industry, communication is important in any language. No matter where we work or what language we speak, sometimes we have trouble communicating. Follow these tips to improve your communication skills at work. 01. Use clear and simple language Sometimes we lose sight of the business goals. Keep it short and simple. It can […]

How To Stay Focused At Work

When you’re working at the office, staying focused while at work is difficult because of sudden interruptions, phone calls, meetings. There are several tips that can help you. 01. Set clear goals Setting clear goals help you avoid reacting to every distraction that comes up. If you are busy all the time, prioritizing tasks effectively. […]

Logical Thinking Is Not Always The Best Way

There are people whose communication steps are too detailed to move forward at all. but to be honest, detailed communication about non-essentials is a pain in the ass. In this article, We would like to introduce a way of thinking that will help you avoid being overly logical. Here’s how to stop being a difficult […]

Giving Shape To Your Ideas And Doing Business From It

Creativity is the ability to think different. Creative thinkers can look at things in different way. Creativity is the most important skill in the world because it can be a useful tool for any situations. Creative thinking is a soft skill to come up with new solutions to problems and it can be improved with the right training. Creativity will save […]

5 Things To Do For Your Careers In Your 20S

In my 20s, I worked hard every day though I didn’t know where to go. But it’s important to think about how to build a successful career. Here are a few things we will need to learn in your 20s to grow up at work. This is my life lessons I learned in my 20s. Trust yourself […]

3 Productive Things To Do When You Are Stuck At The Office

We all want to know how to increase productivity and how to work smart. However, we all get stuck suddenly at the office. Once we are trapped by something, everything stops unfortunately. Here are some practical tips that help you improve your productivity at work. 01.Ask for help to others Please remember your past experience. […]

How To Stay Calm At Work

What day is it today… Sometimes we get drown in hard work. When you get drown in hard work, you don’t have enough time to watch the TV news calmly or can not enjoy eating. You are not a working machine You are not a machine or a factory, just a human. You have to […]

Effective Communication Skills

Communication is like a game of catch. A ball thrown at each other is a conversation. Everyone has the same desire to deliver the intended message. There is no day when we don’t communicate in our work. Technically, business communication has its purpose. The goal of business communication is to achieve the final goal by […]

How To Manage Tasks Effectively In The Workplace

The goal of this blog post is to help you find ways to manage tasks effectively at work. Become a better professional. 01.Clear everyone’s roles We need to clear everyone’s roles and responsibilities in the project. Remember you are already assigned to the specific task. It’s important to support people around you, but the most important […]

How To Communicate Better With Your Boss

Hard-working employees are very valuable. They support the foundation of the organization. But some employees have weak relationships with their boss. Your boss evaluate you Your boss rate your job performance. Your boss should evaluate you properly. But  somehow in the office hierarchy, your boss ruin your productivity at work. Do you have a boss who […]