We all want to know how to increase productivity and how to work smart. However, we all get stuck suddenly at the office. Once we are trapped by something, everything stops unfortunately.

Here are some practical tips that help you improve your productivity at work.

01.Ask for help to others

Please remember your past experience. Have you ever started anything or take a first step by someone’s supports. Of course I do, we all do.

It’s good to ask for help. This is true.

When you are stuck at work, don’t be scared to ask for help. Many people are scared to ask for help for fear of embarrassment. But we belong to some teams and teams are often better than individuals.

02.Break large tasks down into smaller


If you don’t have anyone to talk to temporarily, try making the job super easy. Break things down.

Just break the task you work on down into small pieces. The more you break down your work, the easier it becomes.

If you feel your productivity again, just move forward without losing good pace. You can realize what you are good at from what you are trapped by.

03.Give up something to get something

You have to give up something to get something important. You need to feel more relaxed.

You can’t do it if you can’t. Let’s make it as possible.

Give up the task you are working on and finish another task. Take a deep breath and do the paperwork piled up. Your body and mind are connected. Make your brain flexible.

It feels good to be back.

Move on. It feels good to be back. Forget about the time you wasted.

It’s important to focus on the process, not the output.

You must be stubborn with your goals. You should stay flexible in the approach and the methods.