Lavender, also known as the “Queen of Herbs,” is a popular flower that blooms in early summer. It has been used as a medicinal herb since ancient Roman times. You will be healed by its bright and beautiful purple flowers and elegant and gentle fragrance.

What is Lavender?


Lavender is a species of the Perilla family that originates from the Mediterranean coast. There are various types of lavender, including English lavender and French lavender.

Lavender has a variety of flowery words, but here are some romantic ones.

The flower meaning : “I’m waiting for you.”

There is a old story in Europe:

A girl named Lavender fell in love with a very beautiful boy one day. She waited for a long time to meet him, but she turned into a beautiful flower, and even now, the wind carries the fragrance of her love.

The flower meaning of lavender, “I’m waiting for you.” seems to have originated from this story. Other flower meanings, such as “silence” and “cleanliness” are derived from their herbal effects.

Lavender, the queen of herbs, has a wonderfully romantic story.