If you are a swimmer, you may be interested in earphones for swimming. These days, the waterproof function is much better than you can imagine, and they are durable enough to be completely waterproof.

If you’re using a separate type using Bluetooth, the sound will be cut off due to the distance between you and your luggage, and if you’re using a standalone headset, you might worry that it will fall out of your ears underwater. For swimming, we recommend a integrated headphones.

In this article, we’re going to show you some waterproof earphones you can use while swimming. Why don’t you change your mood and swim while listening to music?

In this article, We’ll introduce you to waterproof earphones that can be used for swimming. How about changing your mood a little and swimming while listening to some light music?

*Some items are prohibited to use to prevent accidents. Please check with the facility in advance.


Tayogo is one of the most stable and waterproof IPX8 I’ve ever tested.

It has an integrated headphone and is worn on the back of the neck. It weighs only 32 grams, so it’s a great product for swimming without worrying about water resistance. It can play continuously for up to 8~10 hours on a single charge, and comes with earplugs in three sizes (S, M, L).

It is a professional model with a very good balance between price and performance.


The AGPTEK is a compact, neckband-style device that is easy to use.

This is an international waterproof level IPX8 and the operation is simple. There are no buttons to waste, just play, stop, and volume. There is no pressure and your neck will not get tired even after a long swim.


A waterproof music player with neck band shape that takes water flow resistance into consideration. It features a cool look.

Equipped with an “external sound capture function” that makes it easy to hear surrounding sounds , this product is very convenient because you can use it to pay attention to your surroundings.

Keep pace with the rhythm.


Swimming is a sport that combines both aerobic exercise and strength training, which can be done in any season. It is a full-body workout, so you can get a balanced workout.

Swimming is all about form and rhythm. If you keep the form and adjust the rhythm, you can keep the pace of your strokes, which has some unexpected benefits.

As you get used to it, one of the problems is that your mind becomes bored. As you progress to a certain level, you will get bored. It is important to change things up and keep going. If you follow the rules of the facility and pay attention to your surroundings, that’s when you’ll feel like you can swim forever. Let’s enjoy the swimming life so that we can maintain a constant pace without putting too much effort in the form.