There are many methods you can use in order to prioritize your tasks. Different people have different cycles of productivity.

Here are 3 keys to stop procrastinating on tasks and just get the work done.

01.Use the urgent-important matrix


Use the urgent-important matrix which is called The Eisenhower Matrix.

Finish urgent and important tasks right away. Everything else is secondary. Stop trying to be perfect. They need to get done now. 

This method divides all tasks into 4 categories based on important/unimportant and urgent/not urgent criteria.

02.Write a To-Do List


Use a To-Do List which is called The Ivy Lee method. It’s nothing but a list of tasks you need to finish, but it works.

It’s easy to leave small tasks because they don’t get in trouble right away, but over time, they become more important and can lead to trouble before you know it. Have you ever thought about the negative consequences if you don’t finish? Someone might even be responsible for your work.

Unfortunately work expands with time. And it’s not only quantity as well as quality. We have to organize work and get the things done.

03.Get a support team


You can’t finish your work by yourself. It’s important to get people involved.

Let’s make a detailed progress report and create a framework for regular reporting.