Hard-working employees are very valuable. They support the foundation of the organization. But some employees have weak relationships with their boss.

Your boss evaluate you

Your boss rate your job performance. Your boss should evaluate you properly.

But  somehow in the office hierarchy, your boss ruin your productivity at work. Do you have a boss who wants to keep you down?  You have to deal with them. What should you do?

These are the next steps you should take.

Hit the right timing

It’s all about timing. Timing is everything. The sooner, the better? No, Hit the right timing.

You can concentrate on tasks that you complete on your own, but reporting to your boss is the most important communication task.

If you want to tell important things to your boss, be sure to hit the perfect timing.

Pick the right place

In communications, environments matter. Pick the right place to talk with your boss

Should you report by email or face to face? Make it easier for for your boss to receive your reports.

Choose the right words

Speak properly. Focus on what matters to your boss. Let your voice rise and fall with your content.

Choose a simple word for a boss who can’t understand details. If you choose the right way of talking, you’ll succeed.

What your boss get is what you say

Workplace loneliness is a real problem. But technically we don’t work alone at the office.

Get others involved. Manage the risks of working alone.

No matter how great you did at work, what your boss get is what you say. More than anything, when you’re able to properly report what you’re doing to your boss, that’s exactly the way of success.