Some people believe that they are not good at communicating. They are obsessed with self-talk even though it’s clear they’re hurting themselves. Technically, a lack of communication skills is not a innate personality. And it can be improved by a little consciousness.

If you’re struggling with communication, here’s what you can do to overcome it.

*If the symptoms are very bad, you should go to a hospital, help center, or other appropriate support facility before the situation worsens.

Talk with someone you can talk with


If you don’t understand the right distance from others, it may be because you spend too much time alone.Why don’t you get in touch with your friends you can talk with and talk more with your family? Your old friend is good strategy. A friend who is especially good at speaking will do you good.

Strangely, when we spend time with someone, we naturally imitate others.

Spending time with someone is the best strategy. You don’t need to make any special efforts to improve your communication skills.

Go out and change your environment


If you have a lot of conversations with yourself, change your environment. Go outside from your place.

By interacting with the outside world, you will be able to lower the barrier that you have created within yourself.

Taking a walk is a good idea. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing, there are always benefits.

Don’t go out with people you don’t like.


You don’t need to get close to people you don’t like. Draw a clear border line. If you are connected to an unspecified number of people, such as SNS or group chats, you may feel uncomfortable because you don’t know who says what.

You can draw a clear line at home or at work.

We need to defend ourselves. Not all good communicators are open-minded.

Use positive words for yourself

There is no merit in labeling yourself negatively. Use positive words that make something better.