We are born to love ourselves. If you don’t take your own side, who take care of you? No matter what, not everything that others tell us is right.

In the fields of psychology, medicine and business, various studies have been conducted on self-affirmation, but there are still people in modern society who suffer from low self-affirmation. Here are some of the reasons why people feel less positive about themselves and what you can do about it.

01.Setting Wrong goals

We set high goals and strive to grow. And serious people learn the taste of failure because their goals are too high. Or when they reach a goal, they immediately replace it with another goal and start calling the new goal a goal. I don’t think they can’t feel a sense of accomplishment and affirm their efforts in this way.

Wrong goals can lead to losing habits. If you want to grow, you need to set goals that are appropriate for you. In fact, if you are a serious person, a goal that is too small may be preferable.

It is very important to experience success, even if it is small, in order to feel self-affirmation. Be proactive in praising yourself. Even if it doesn’t feel right or you feel embarrassed to say it out loud, acknowledging yourself will certainly make you feel healthier.

02.Keep a balance

Learning something, or input, is not the only way to grow. If you continue to focus on input, you will keep looking for things that you don’t have in order to learn.

On the other hand, if you spend all your time on output, you will become worn out. This is the so-called burnout syndrome.

Try to maintain a balance between input and output. If you can create a healthy cycle of using what you have learned to produce results, you will be able to create a virtuous cycle within yourself.

03.Negative Core Beliefs

Suffering is not everything. In order to grow up, you need to have experiences, but they don’t have to be negative.

You can always admit yourself. Hard work is not necessarily a prerequisite. If you keep pushing yourself too much, you will be mentally worn out.

Instead of blindly believing that you can grow as much as you suffer, take the time to acknowledge the results of your efforts.

Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. You are on your side.

Look in the mirror and admire yourself. There is a big difference in the results between trying and not trying. If you are often hurt by a casual comment, why not affirm yourself with a casual comment and live your own life?