I dare say so. Let’s be more stupid. Be positive about that.

The more we get into methodologies to do well, and the more options we have, the less we can move forward… I’m not talking about that dimension.

The more options you have, the more you can’t move forward. This is a trap of methodology. Get out of this world.

Do your best, even if it’s clumsy.


Let’s move forward. The important thing is not to stop. No matter how uncertain you are about the future, the hands of the clock never stop ticking and we can’t stop the time. So, if you’re going to spend the same amount of time, the best way to succeed is to make changes that will give you an advantage.

Make your own way. You have to create your own path. Even if it’s not a smart approach, no one can complain when you get results.

Don’t let your worries bother you.


You can’t move forward by thinking like a fool. You have to get over obstacles. No matter what the road is, you will overcome it and move forward. Anything other than focusing on the goal is secondary.

If you’re swayed by the beauty of a lot of alternatives and methodologies that come out of time-consuming discussions, jump over them at a time.

You can look back on the mess later, and there is no need to drag yourself down at all.

Work up a nice sweat.


You can’t be perfect from the start, and it’s okay to make a few mistakes. And the sooner you make a mistake, the sooner you will be successful. Show that you are ready to fight.

Act rather than think. Don’t be a overthinker. It will be enough to devise and improve later.

Work up a good sweat. Be the best idiot who sweats the best.