I respect people who are always stoically studying for further growth, even though they are at the base of everyday life such as work and housework.

However, there is a slight difference between those who can continue to produce results and those who can’t, even among such hardworking people. In this article, we would like to talk about it.

Don’t work on everything.


When I was in school, exams were provided for each subject. The purpose of this was to raise the overall level of academic ability. From this perspective, when we start to study, we tend to spread our hands, thinking that we have to do this and that.

However, if you connect the thought you should do with the reason for learning, you may become mentally exhausted.

People who work hard based only on the self-discipline rule of “I should work hard” are not doing a good job of motivating themselves. Reasoning is one skill that can be easily learned once you get the hang of it. The more solid your reasons for working hard are, the less you have to consciously discipline yourself.

If you stick too much to the “You should do your best anytime.” rule of self-discipline, your motivation doesn’t work. The motivation is a skill that you can easily learn. If you know it, The harder you work, the less you have to consciously discipline yourself.

Efforts without indicators are futile.


It’s not uncommon for everyone to end the day with a vague, “That’s enough for today”.

However, the criteria for completion should not be based on your own sense of satisfaction. Make your goal criteria clear. The clearer the effort, the clearer the outcome. Efforts without indicators tend to be fruitless.

Time is limited. That’s why it’s important to put into words the results of the time you spend.

Stick to the habit of leaving it in a form.


People who continue to produce results know how to produce results well as their experience. For example, a student who could study smart make a notebook in a visible way.

Leave everything in a form. keep everything in shape. The habit of leaving things in shape helps you.

Somehow it’s hard for others to feel like you’re working hard. If you can see the results of your efforts more, it will be easier to get support from people around you, and you will be able to keep your motivation by being recognized.