Recently, I often hear the worries of people around me and I have something to think about. It means that all the worries are almost the same. Like, “Didn’t you complain about that the other day?” or “I was complaining about the same thing last year.” I sometimes feel that way.

If I’m like that, so is everyone else. The problems that come out of our mouths are usually the same. If you are, everyone is.

I think my case is worse than anyone else’s.

Everyone thinks that they are the only one who is having the hardest time. So we tend to say too much. Negative and emotional words make you appear in a story with tragic images and a synopsis that you can’t easily escape from, which makes you feel even more depressed.

You don’t have to speak too badly about your situation.

It’s up to you to make your situation better or worse. Why don’t you reevaluate the situation in your own way?

New worries don’t appear so easily in the world.

Each of us is different, but the environment we live in is usually similar. And we call it a worry because we want what we want from our surroundings and environment and it doesn’t work out the way. Maybe we want too much than we can handle.

There are not many people who are trying to change the world and are struggling on their own.

Don’t forget that most of the worries we have in our normal life are the same. If it’s the same for you, it’s the same for everyone. We all have the same problems.

You can overcome the obstacles that someone worked through.

If you are struggling with something on your own and feeling alone, just talk to someone who is in a similar situation to you. Because what someone else can do, you can do. You can overcome the hurdles that others can overcome.

You are not as alone as you think you are. We live in a world where everyone worries together and laughs together.

In this world, there are people who find happiness even though they are worried. There must be something more important than having trouble alone.