Learning a new thing is good.

You can always invest in yourself and get some results, however time and money are limited.

Here’s how to study smartly and efficiently with joy.

01.Set goals

Why do you learn? Make sure to take some time to think about your purpose before you start reading.

If you set a goal and start to learn, you get the information that fits your goal. The brain has a mechanism that automatically selects the information you need. Setting goals will help you feel in control and reduce any study stress.

You’re smart. I’m sure I can.

02.Find your own coach

As a grown person, you can start a lot of things by yourself. but you need keep practicing.

Find your own coach or inspiring study group.

Having good study skills is always helpful and your coach teach you some. A coach tells you how to learn better. Don’t just focus on one thing.

03.Explain things to others

When it comes to reading, what you get depends on what you think and read the book. If you want to be able to remember information, the best thing you can do is practice.

Explain what you’ve learned to your friends or family. It helps you get things clearer in your head if you try to explain your answers verbally to people who do not know much about the subject. 

They will give you some positive feedbacks.