A friend of mine is not good at attending social parties, like a wedding party. A social party do not require special communication skills.
All we do is enjoy politely. Technically, a party is for fun.

Here are some tips on how to behave well and enjoy at social parties.

01.Be cheerful


Be cheerful and have a smile on your face and greet people.

Try to show your sense of humor.

People will smile back to you if you smile and be cheerful to others. 

02.Ask questions and show interest

Listen to people than you talk. If someone talk to you something, ask them more about it.

You don’t have to talk too much about yourself. Be a good listener. Because everyone feels good when they are talking about themselves. All you have to do is smile and nod. Nodding make the rhythm of conversation.

03.Take your turn

“Wow, that’s great.” always works well. Listen to people and don’t interrupt others.

The important thing at a social party is not to interrupt people when they talk. If there are two or more people, someone starts a conversation. Nobody wants you to be the only one to tell interesting stories.

You don’t have to do something crazy to attract people.

04.Act like others

Act like others. Ask questions, smile, and pay attention to what others are saying. That’s what they do.

Be polite and friendly. Use small talk to start conversations.

Do not be rude, like putting your elbows on the table when people are eating or talk about sensitive issues.

05.Be kind to other people

Be kind to the host and other people. You should greet the host, and appreciate them for the invitation.

Be kind and polite. Make yourself look approachable. It makes you look more confident. 

Just enjoy the party.


Dear my friend, Thank you for your support and invitations to a great party.