We all have troubles and conflicts in life. It’s hard when you feel like a failure.

But I think it’s a chance to make a big difference when things are tough. I believe that something good will come out of failures.

Here are some secrets to remember when you feel like a failure.

I need to change something

When you feel like a failure, something doesn’t fit to the reality. If things go wrong, you need to change something.

We have grown up learning many things since we were children. We have made original rules to survive. But if you keep relying on your own laws too much, you’ll be  too stubborn and stuck with your own rules, and you’ll eventually find yourself in trouble somewhere.

One rule doesn’t apply to all of the world. Everything is different.

It’s just a chance

Everything is nothing but a chance, chance to change. You don’t have to be trapped by your own rules you’ve got in the past.

Be flexible. Everything will change when you make a decision. It’s hard to forgive ambiguity, but definitely you can.

Failure can make you strong and flexible. You have overcome past difficulties. You can do it again.

I can say goodbye to the past

You need to change the rules that you don’t need now any more. You don’t need a fur coat in hot summer.

Some people are anxious about change, and still stick to the past, but you are not now.

Believe yourself. You can say goodbye to the past and say hello to the future.