Even though there are a lot of similar documents in the company, we try to make new from scratch. When we want one, we make one. That’s a tragedy in the workplace.

Remember the word “use”, not “make”.

We should avoid being like asking for the moon.

Resourcism is an approach of using your assets first

To put it bluntly, in order to be happy, it is important to make the most of what is available to you in the current situation and continue to work for your own benefit as much as possible.

So is work. So is life.

A begging attitude can be perceived as complaining. We should be on the ground. It’s important to leverage the resources you have.

We want what we don’t have

What we want is variable and unlimited.

We want what we don’t have without purpose.

Is there anyone who wants this and that? If he proudly speaks of idealism, he only watches.

Use what you already have to get what you don’t have

Take full advantage of your resources to get what you want.

You can’t change the world just by looking for something new. We should use what we already have effectively.