No matter how marketing changes, connections with new customers often starts with a phone call.

This article is about sales tips that help you to be a good salesperson and close more deals.

01.Talk to the person in charge


Know your customer more and talk to the person in charge. If you contact an unrelated person, you can’t sell anything. 

Deliver value to those who want it. The customer.

Do not give up finding and reach the decision-maker of purchasing.

02.Talk about your value proposition


Focus on your value proposition. Give them more value than they can easily deny.

Believe in what you’re selling. The most effective salespeople are passionate about their product and believe in its value.

If you explain the product details or service, it won’t get in the other person’s mind if the contents don’t hit. Everyone wants to hear something that they want.

03.Know your customers’ needs


There are no customers who want to be made to buy from sales. It’s a secret you can make it easier for them to decide. Guide your customer to choose.

Listen to your customer more. that’s your customer’s need.  No matter how great your product or service is,  no one will buy it if they don’t want it.

The best salespeople are expert listeners and good salespeople understand that each customer has different needs. 

Close sales politely


Make sure to appreciate your customer. Say thank you for taking the time of phone call and adjusting their schedule. No one feels bad to be appreciated.

Try to make your customer happier than before you call.