For regular workouts, home workout training goods are a must. There are many people who cannot afford to go to a sports club every day , so many people start from home training. The popular self-weight training is fun, but if you use muscle training goods, you can push yourself more efficiently.

In this article, We would explain about recommended home workout training goods and the muscles to approach.

For squats : Training tube

A band-type training tube to assist the king of training, the squat.

People who pay attention to squats know how important the right form is. With this training tube, you can maintain the correct squat form and put more stress on your thighs.

Especially recommended is the wide squat. Set the tube above your ankles and keep your knees from turning inward to push your lower body.

For pushups : Push up bar

This item is for those who want to train their upper body in a deeper and more intense way.

Push-ups are essential to target your pectoral muscles at home, but a push-up bar is recommended to increase your range of motion. Once you use it, you will never go back to regular push-ups.

The good thing about this item is that you can change the arrangement flexibly and train from various angles.

For abs exercises : Abdominal roller

The ab roller is actually a pretty efficient muscle training product that works both the abdominal and back muscles.

Beginners should sit on their knees, and advanced players should use the whole body. You can keep a beautiful form by focusing on your rectus abdominis and keeping a single line on your back. As for breathing awareness, exhale when you push and inhale when you return.

It is recommended to include this in between other menus, as it helps you to be aware of your drawing.

Let’s approach the big muscle.


When training at home, you should mainly approach the larger muscles. On the other hand, if you want to work on a specific small muscle, it’s more efficient to work on a dedicated machine at a sports club.

The advantage of home training is that you can do it at your own convenience even if you are busy.

You can train your whole body efficiently by approaching the big muscles at home and using the machines at the sports club when you have time.