In today’s busy world, there are a lot of tools and applications to improve efficiency. However, the cheap “cost reduction” will eliminate the options.

If you keep thinking in a reductive way, you’ll lose sight of new discoveries and loopholes.

What can we do to maintain a rational and flexible behavior? I think the important things don’t change.

There are many things in this world that you can learn by actually doing them.


No one knows everything about the future. Likewise, no one knows the right way to make things work.

So there’s more to it than we think. there is probably more to be learned by actually doing than we think. And it is really important to make improvements from there.

We need to take action. There’s no need to get all wrapped up in your mind and conclude that something is useless before you even start working on it.

There is no such thing as a waste.


You will succeed if you keep practicing until you succeed. This will make sense to many people. If you fail, just stand up again.

Success means to keep trying until you succeed.

There is no such thing as a waste of time in this world.

The results of your efforts will be a resource for your next goal.


There are things you should do, even if you think it can be waste of time. In other words, the criteria for value judgment are your own “values,” and from the point of view of others, there are many things that should be done.

And the results of your efforts will become assets for your next effort. The more weapons you have, the more useful they will be, of course.

And the result of the effort becomes the asset of the next effort. It is certain that more weapons are useful.

Don’t be afraid of worthwhile waste.


No one knows when and in what way a chance will show up in front of you. That’s why the attitude of trying will help you polish your sense of values.

And that experience leads to results and new insights. Having your own words will give you strength as a person.