Don’t you feel really relaxed on holidays? Before you get trapped in your hard work and lose your health, you have to protect yourself.

Here are some ideas to literally refresh yourself on your days off.

01.Sleep well


Eat well food and get plenty of sleep.

You need enough sleep literally, if you’re worried about your work and can’t enjoy it while weekend getaway.

You can’t overcome all the switching between on and off just by the difference of mood. Don’t underestimate the power of sleep.

02.Don’t work as hard as you can on Friday night


You don’t have to work as hard as you can on Friday night. Don’t schedule important work on Friday night.

The last spurt on Friday night is one of the causes of burnout.

In order to enjoy your day off, you need to make a proper approach on Friday night. Don’t just work to burn yourself out the day before your day off. Concentration and paralysis are completely different.

03.Soak up some sun


It is said that the human body clock cycle is 25 hours a day, but the reality is 24 hours. So you need to adjust for 1 hour every day. Sunlight is effective in resetting this body clock.

Let’s reset your body clock by consciously soaking up the sun. If you have a regular life cycle, you can have a fulfilling holiday and create a healthy lifestyle.