In my 20s, I worked hard every day though I didn’t know where to go. But it’s important to think about how to build a successful career.

Here are a few things we will need to learn in your 20s to grow up at work. This is my life lessons I learned in my 20s. Trust yourself and work hard. It’s all going to work out.

01.Take notes


With a smartphone or sticky notes, you can take a note easily, but on the other hand, probably you won’t look back at it. Notes that you don’t review won’t be remembered. The more you look back, the more you remember.

Understand the learning process. Associating categorized information is the basis of learning.

You can draft your ideas or organizing your ideas on a note. By writing out the image in your head, you can refine your draft and think constructively.

02.Invest in yourself

Most of the employees in the company who were enthusiastic about their jobs suddenly  stop studying after a few years.

Invest in yourself for boosting your career success. Just keep it up.

I recommend you to set a goal and work on it in a planned way, like a professional certification. Achieving one or more certifications that are relevant to your profession pay off.

03.Keep your promise


We often talk about the importance of making commitments in business. Commitment is a choice you can make. Commitment is the ability stick with making a decision and put it into action.

Do what you say. It sounds obvious, but it’s important to keep your promise.

Start by keeping your promise with yourself. When you choose your own way, you commit yourself.

04.Listen to others


Accept the advice from others honestly. it’s really valuable. Listen to others.

The opportunities to be taught by people gradually decrease in the workplace. The more people in the company depend on you, the less people around you will give you advice.

Even if you’re scolded, you can get the essential information by removing the emotional parts. It’s a learning process. Now is the time to learn even how to study.

05.Think thoroughly

Thinking through is essential to your career growth and to the success. Thinking is valuable and has a lot to gain.

Have you ever seen THINK signs of  IBM? THINK is a slogan developed by IBM founder Thomas J. Watson, Sr. IBM is an excellent company because they think through for customers.

No matter where you work, think through yourself.