There are people whose communication steps are too detailed to move forward at all. but to be honest, detailed communication about non-essentials is a pain in the ass.

In this article, We would like to introduce a way of thinking that will help you avoid being overly logical. Here’s how to stop being a difficult person.

Logical thinking is only a tool

Logical thinking is one of the basic business skills. In the practical book area of bookstores, there is no end to the number of books related to logical thinking. That’s how widely demanded it is in general.

But keep in mind that the right logic isn’t everything.

In the business world, the goal is to do your job better. Logical thinking is just one of the ways to achieve this.

You can say anything logically

Technically, logic can be constructed in any way you want it to be. It’s like lawyers can be on both sides.

If you take time, you can find as many reasons as you want. The meaning of numbers changes depending on the expression. It can be said in any logical way depending on the expression.

It’s up to you to satisfy yourself by asserting yourself as you would like to say, or to complete the meeting by giving the listener a succinct answer.

The point is, is it working?

You don’t necessarily have to be MECE all the time, and you don’t have to give information that you don’t need to give on the spot. It is possible to lose an opportunity by being overly concerned with logic. Make sure not to be a logical idiot who is too particular about the form.

The most important thing is whether your way works or not. Your way of thinking and speaking is just right for you, and you’re contributing to the goals that you share.

There is no need to blindly believe that only one way is the right way.