Many sales clerks, general affairs and accounting, and secretarial staff are women, and they do a lot of hard work as well as invisible housework.

For example, stapling large printouts or copies. Stopping the stapler with one hand over and over takes a lot of power, and if you do it too much, your hand will go numb.

In this article, we would introduce a selection of staplers that are easy to use, especially for women with small hands, for those who work in office jobs. There are far more convenient things than the inferior office supplies provided by the company.

Hand Weakness Products
[MAX Stapler]

Sacri flat is a stapler that can bind a large amount of paper with light power. This product is from the trusted stapler brand “MAX”.

It is compact enough to fit in the palm of a woman’s small hand, and can bind with about 50% of the power of a standard stapler. It’s perfect for female employees who use their hands too much for paperwork such as printing and copying.

The stapler can hold 100 needles, with a spare needle pocket that can hold another 100, and can bind up to 32 sheets.

Allergy Relief Products
[KOKUYO Stapler]

The Harinax Press is MADE by KOKUYO. You can make beautiful binding without making holes.

This stapler is designed to be removed without needles, which is a great point. You can remove it neatly just by rubbing the part where you stopped it.

This product is especially recommended for those who have allergies or are not good at stapling. It is also perfect as a gift.

Use handy tools more.

Even though the society is changing toward paperless, I don’t think paper work will suddenly go to zero. The fight against paper at work is not going to end anytime soon.

If you need to do manual labor, you don’t need to force yourself. Rather, I think it is better to focus on the politeness and detail of the work that the office workers are good at, which leads to the evaluation of the work, and it is a good work overall.