We see perfectionists at work everywhere. They’re excellent with detail-oriented work, but spend too much of time focusing on details that are not relevant to a project’s goal.

Work smart, not work hard. You have to manage yourself, because you can be a perfectionist easily.

These are a few strategies to be more productive and not to be a perfectionist.

There are a variety of working styles in the world


When you look around, jobs we work on are so much complicated. Repeating a single task is so rare.

Different problems have different solutions.

Change how to proceed depending on the type you work on.

Working longer hours doesn’t mean achieving more


When you work as a consultant, system engineer, or any other job that requires smart intelligence, you always think logically and use critical thinking. Doing work is problem-solving, and there is logic that leads to the right answer.

But unfortunately you can’t get the perfect answer for problems at work.

Time is limited. Find the realistic answer that everyone will agree with, not finding the perfect answer meet your requirements.

Your own criteria is not company’s standard


Creating  high quality outputs and making customers happy are great and rewarding.  And high quality work always costs time.

However, the salary paid to you by your company is based on your job performance, not your obsession with it.

Be professional and work as a member of a company.

Choose your own workstyle

Regardless of your job or industry, there aren’t always enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Being perfect is beautiful. But being more productive at work isn’t that. You shouldn’t set your own criteria for job completion.

You can choose your own workstyle and how to work. By discovering your working style, you can recognize the roles and responsibilities that you feel great.