If you want to protect yourself from heat stroke and sunburn, you should wear a running cap properly .

Other than that, the cap protects your head when you bump into something or fall. Outdoor runners are engrossed in music with earphones and may not be paying attention to your surroundings. Don’t be bothered to take your own safety into consideration.

This article will introduce you to running caps. We’ve picked out a few products that you can’t go wrong with.

New Balance

New Balance cap is popular for marathons runners.

The mesh material is comfortable for running and the cover is not too v, so your hair won’t get messy. Pink color for girls is especially popular.

This stylish running cap is recommended for those who are looking for the real thing.


Nike has established a steady popularity in sportswear. It is always a best seller on AMAZON and sells out every season. The one point swish mark on the monotone is cool.

If you are a Nike fan, you should also have a cap. A sense of unity is cool.


UNDER ARMOUR is famous for high functionality among its many brands.

Caps are also made to fit for everyone. It provide both ventilation and a good fit, and can be used by a wide range of people from beginners to experts.

If you are an UNDER ARMOUR fan, why not try a cap as well?

For your safety


Safety is the foundation of health. Even if you are jogging for your health, getting injured is not an option. If you suddenly fall, a cap will come in handy.

Why not get a cap that suits your running style?