In my thirties, I was worried about various things in my life and get lost.

In other words, you can develop your life by making clear choices about your worries and problems. Even if you are uncertain about your future, you will gradually see the direction and your daily life will become even more fulfilling.

Here are some secrets to be happy in your 30s.

01.Focus on your business


The thirties are the prime working years. What you didn’t understand in your twenties will naturally become clearer to you, and you will gradually become more relaxed in your work style.

It’s the perfect time to boost your career, or to find a job you want to do and change your career.
That’s why it’s important to establish your own area of work.

When someone you meet for the first time asks you, “What do you do for a living? How can you answer? That simple one word is the work you should be doing. That’s your job.

02.Take care of your health


In my 20s, I slept when I wanted to sleep and ate what I wanted to eat, so I feel always fatigue and tiredness.

Start take care of your better health and stay healthy. 

Eat well, exercise, get enough sleep. When you start putting time exercising, eating healthy, and sleeping properly, you feel more energetic reduce the risk of injury.

03.Keep your friends close


In my 20s, I spent too much time thinking by myself. In 30s, it’s easier to feel comfortable if you go out of your world and talk to people around you. Even if it is difficult to ask what you are suited for as you get older, it is better to just ask. You may get some ideas that you never thought of.

If you don’t feel comfortable thinking all by yourself, it’s a good idea to take a weekend getaway with your friends. A change of pace always helps you.

Avoid people who don’t treat you well and try to accept the advice of those around you. Then, make your own decisions. Above all, it is important to be grateful to your friends.

04.Start saving for future

It is never too late to start thinking about money. Start saving for your future.

Thinking about how much you need for stability in your old age will only make you feel depressed. So why not start with what you can do first?
There are many things you can do, such as reviewing your cell phone plan or putting a few percent of your salary into a savings account.

But the really important thing to realize is that saving money is actually fun. Saving money is like a game where the higher your score, the closer you get to clearing the game.
The more points you score, the closer you are to clearing the game, and the higher your bank balance, the more motivated you become.

05.Find a life partner


If you are free now, look for love actively. Let’s socialize without filtering only by appearance. It is safe to put your impatience aside for a while and try to get to know each other and then proceed steadily.

If you are currently in a relationship with someone, don’t be selective and think that there must be someone better. It’s a good time to graduate from begging for what you don’t have.

Life is like a long drive. It will continue for 10 years. Let’s live with balance.