Unfortunately, it may be inevitable that people will suffer and suffer. As Buddhism says, as long as we live, we cannot avoid suffering.

Some troubles seem to be built into the stage of our life, but overcoming obstacles make you stronger. Even if you get injured, your scars will be lessons in your life.

We all live in the real world


What is happiness, justice and fairness? We should stop asking for absolute answers to such vague and relative words. There is no shape. In other words, It is a question of life that no one can answer accurately.

When you go shopping, you will put what you want in a basket. It is a metaphor. We can’t get what we can’t put in the basket.

We need to be more realistic. We don’t live in an imaginary world. We live in the real world.

Real problems are manageable


In the world we live in, there is nothing perfect. And there is no perfect answer.

We have to solve real problems one by one to improve the situation we are facing.We may not be able to solve all of our problems at once, but we can solve the problems that we define as one problem in one aspect. And then we move on.

Problem solving is one by one. And you move forward step by step.

There is always a way


There is always a way if you are committed. Being actively involved in your life brings you happiness.

No matter what happens, do not give up and continue to act with hope. That is the secret of happiness.

There is always a way.