I have a friend, of course he is not a kid, who has no sense of direction. Even if he use Google Maps with his smart phone.

Like while traveling, in a place you’ve never visited and you don’t know, how do you avoid getting lost in a city?

In this blog post, we highlight how to avoid getting lost in a new city.

01.Don’t pick your way underground


If you’re trying to find the closest exit to your destination in a subway or underground mall, you’ll have trouble getting to where you want to be. There are many signboards in the underground that show north, south, east and west, and if you don’t know which direction is north, there is nothing you can do.

We all lose our sense of direction when we are underground.

The first priority is to going to the ground. Once you are out of underground, you will be able to see buildings, signs, and other large landmarks.

02.Look for big landmarks


After you get out of the subway station, look for a big landmark before you get in the crowd. For example, a high-rise building, a brand shop, or a prominent sign.

Use landmarks to know where you are. Stop start by walking. The costs you have to pay may be higher than you think.

People who have a sense of location don’t walk around the city streets with no plans.

03.Use the main streets as much as possible.


This means reducing the number of turns you have to make to reach your destination. The more times you turn, the more times you will make a mistake.

Let’s use the main street as much as possible.

A main street is safer and has more signs to guide you. Another advantage of main streets is that you can ask people or stores for help if you have any problems.

Let’s go out with plenty of time to spare.

Wherever you go, if you find yourself in an unexpected place or get lost, you may feel panicked. If you are in a hurry, you may lose something or have an accident.

When you go out, give yourself plenty of time.

Time allowance leads to mental allowance. Lack of emotional leeway leads to trouble. It all starts with a little effort.