Here’s how to overcome smartphone addiction.

It may be practically difficult to completely disconnect your smartphone from your daily life.

But why don’t we reconsider how to use mobile phones for ourselves and for the people we care about?

01.Recognize smartphone addiction


Smartphones are convenient, but no one can deny that they are too addictive.

If you’re always carrying your phone around and looking into a small screen, it’s worth a try. We need to have a good balance with smartphones.

Realizing that your phone is taking up a lot of your time is good for you. Of course, The best way to solve the problem is to understand the current situation.

02.Uninstall unused apps


Our smartphones are full of unused apps. And apps that aren’t worth much have a lot of notifications.

Even if it takes some time, uninstall any apps you don’t use. Apps that you haven’t launched in a month don’t bring you happiness.

We don’t have enough time to spend on our phone notifications and social media timelines.

03.Keep in your bag


Don’t put it in your pocket. It is the worst place to store your cell phone. When you go out, Make sure to put your smartphone in your bag. This strategy definitely reduces the risk of smartphone zombies and creates a distance between you and your phone.

The reason you take out your phone so many times is because you put it in a pocket or something that’s easy to take out.

Also, don’t put your smartphone on the car’s speedometer or seat anymore. Driving while using a smartphone is as dangerous as drunk driving. Which would you prefer, an car accident or a smartphone?

04.Don’t bring your smartphone to bed

Don’t bring your smartphone into bed. This strategy requires a lot of courage. But the alerm sounds when you are asleep is for waking you up.

Smartphones are computers. Are you going to touch your computer in bed? We need to make a decision to improve your lifestyle..

Use an alarm clock instead of a smartphone.

05.Take full advantage of airplane mode


Do you know “smartphone detox”? This is to have time not to use the Internet intentionally. Airplane mode is useful for this. It’s also a good idea to turn it off occasionally. The battery lasts much more long, and restarting your smartphone refresh the memory.

Stop using smartphones while walking


There are many people who have had a dangerous experience with a smartphone while walking.

When you use a smartphone while walking, your vision becomes extremely narrow, and there is no such thing as “I am all right”. It’s really too late after an accident.

Happiness is placed outside the screen. Why don’t you graduate from smartphone dependence again?