In this article, we introduce light outdoor play goods that can be enjoyed by everyone from children and adults to groups and couples.

It’s a perfect day to go out on a nice weekend. Let’s join together after the dishes, laundry and housework!


Badminton is a Standard of park play for both adults and children, and pairs of two can play together.

This series is reasonably priced on Amazon, yet has authentic specifications. It is a model for beginners with excellent lightness and ease of use, and the rally continues comfortably. It is fun that the rally continues.


If you throw it lightly, it will fly comfortably. It doesn’t hurt even if you miss it and hit your body, so you can enjoy playing.

The urethane core that floats in water is made of nylon, and you can wash it with water after playing outside.

Dodgeball is a Frisbee that feels like a game of catch. If you throw it lightly, it will fly comfortably. Even if you fail to catch it and it hits your body, it won’t hurt, so you can enjoy playing with it.


Blowing bubbles is a great way to enhance outdoor play. In particular, This powerful bubbles are exceptional, and they are strong enough to blow a lot of unbreakable bubbles.

I don’t know why I get so frustrated when my bubbles don’t go well, but I want you to feel the good feeling of unbreakable bubbles.

If there is a tool, everyone is easy to play

After all, it is easier to play when you have playthings.

Let’s have fun together under the sun!